If you want to preserve important documents, your best option is to laminate them. Similarly, laminating sheets of paper that you use regularly will extend their life, making them durable and reusable.

The good news is that at Postal Center we offer the full range of laminating services. You can order lamination of documents of any size. Some of the common sizes that you can order are below.

  • 5 mil letter size
  • 7 mil letter or ledger size
  • 10 mil letter or ledger size
  • 3 mil presentation size

If you have any questions about size and thickness of available laminating sheets, feel free to call us. We will be glad to help you so that you can have your documents covered in plastic film.

Laminating sheets for durable and reusable documents

You may have various sheets of paper in your office with instructions written over them.

For example, you can write down all the important phone numbers on a page and hang it somewhere your receptionist can always see. Similarly, you can print instructions on a paper and paste it on the desk of a worker.

Unfortunately, these documents won’t last long with daily use.

Laminating sheets can solve your problem. By using this technique, you laminate the paper with a thin plastic film. This plastic film keeps the wear and tear away as nothing comes in contact with the paper, keeping it safe for years.

Laminated documents will last for years. You will save on reprinting and there won’t be any hassle of preparing the documents every other week due to damage to the paper.

At Postal Center, we offer laminating sheets in various sizes and thicknesses. It means you will always have your documents laminated no matter their size. You can choose thick laminating sheets for posters and other advertising material that stays on the wall for several months. For documents that are already protected to some degree either by being hanged indoors or used rarely, you can choose a thinner sheet and save money.

Here at Postal Center, we pride ourselves by offering top quality services. You can book at service from anywhere by simply placing an order online. With our highly customizable postal center services, you always save time and money without compromising the quality.