At Postal Center, we offer fax services so that you can fax documents when you don’t have a fax machine at home or the office. You can also fax personal documents using our premium fax service.

Even when you have a fax machine at office/home, you may need to send a fax when on the road. With our service, you will always be just a few clicks away from sending a fax to your preferred destination.

You can send local, domestic, and international faxes using our fax service. We also allow you to receive faxes at our office near you. We will hold your fax secretly until you pick it up. We offer affordable rates, making it easier for you to send and receive faxes.

When you send fax using our service, we always keep you updated about its status. As soon as your fax is printed at the other end, you get a notification for your records. It makes it easy to organize official communication done through fax.

Simple and easy to use

Postal Center fax service is for everyone. You don’t require any hardware or software. Simply tell us what you want to fax and give us the destination number. We will fax it for you.

Your privacy is our top priority

At Postal Center, we understand that privacy and security are your important concerns. We ensure confidentiality by sending your faxes directly to your email inbox.

Cost-effective and efficient

Our fax service saves you money as you don’t have to invest on software and hardware. Similarly, there is no fixed line rental that you have to pay. You will never pay any maintenance or refill costs.

Our fax service is efficient. Imagine having to send a fax when you are a few miles away from your office. You will have to get to your office, turn on lights and cooling/heating before you can start using the fax machine. The accumulated cost will be much higher compared to what we charge when you send/receive fax with us.

At Postal Center, you can trust the quality of services. We work around the clock to ensure that your printing, shipping, lamination, fax, and copying needs are met under one roof with ultimate convenience.